Free forthcoming events at the Museum of the Order of St John

February’s 10 Minute Talk

Discover more about the museum, the Order of St John, St John Ambulance and the history of Clerkenwell at our series of free lunchtime talks.


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  • Dates: Wednesday 11th February
  • Time: 12:30pm

Using documents newly discovered about Voluntary Auxiliary Hospitals in the archives of the Order of St. John, this talk will look at how these institutions were run and whether the evidence supports or challenges commonly held beliefs about voluntary hospitals in the war.

During the First World War the Order of St. John set up and ran hundreds of voluntary hospitals in private homes and public buildings across the U.K. Public support for these hospitals was immense but how did this change as the War dragged on? What made people give up their time, their money and their homes for the war effort? And what process did people have to go through to get their hospitals up and running?

Find out how these hospitals were administered by organisations such as the Order of St. John and some of the trials involved with undertaking such a massive operation.

Lunchtime Talk


  • Dates: Wednesday 14th January
  • Time: 12:30pm

Why did the exalted Patriarch of Jerusalem, Heraclius visit the Priory of the Knights of St John in 1185 and why was his mission unsuccessful?

Dispatched from the Holy Land in 1184, and accompanied by some of the most important figures of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, Patriarch Heraclius arrived in England a year later to meet with King Henry II at the Priory here in Clerkenwell.

The Crusader’s kingdom was in grave danger from enemies within and without and a European king was sought to turn the tide.

This talk will look at this state of affairs in more detail and also examine the reasons why Haraclius was unsuccessful in his mission.