Free forthcoming events at the Museum of the Order of St John


  • Dates: Wednesday 10th September
  • Time: 12:30pm

Led by Curator Tom Foakes, this Gallery Talk will examine some of the photographs of St John’s Gate taken by the Museum’s very first Curator Henry Fincham who was welcoming visitors over one hundred years ago.


  • Dates: Sunday 21st September
  • Time: 10am – 5pm

Celebrate the stunning architecture within the Museum’s historic rooms

As part of Open House London the Museum and its historic buildings will be open all day for visitors to explore.

Open House London 2014 Family Activities

Get inspirited by our beautiful stained glass windows and design your own. You can also take a tour with our family trail!

Volunteer-led temporary exhibition exploring the literature of the Knights of St John on Rhodes

  • Dates: 8th September - 1st October

The Order of St John faced two sieges of their island stronghold of Rhodes, in 1480 and again in 1522. A significant amount of literature was generated following these battles with the Ottoman Empire. How did the knights chose to portray themselves and their vocation in light of these crises? The Order made good use of the new technology of the printing press in an attempt to control its image. They aimed to elicit aid, influence popes and kings, and inspire others to support their cause. Aware of the fragility of their position on Rhodes, they were not just writing for posterity, but as a matter of survival.

Our exhibition displays some of the literature produced shortly after the sieges, and aims to place it in the contexts of late medieval ideals of crusading and the politics of Western Europe.